SAE International Launches Content Partnership Program

Monica Nogueira has a vision for SAE International Publishing.

That is, for SAE International Publishing to become a global clearinghouse of information for the mobility engineering community.

Not just for books published by SAE International, but for papers, articles - electronic and traditional bound paper publications - and video. If it's information of interest to the mobility engineering community, she would like engineers to find it at SAE International.

To meet that end, Nogueira, Content Acquisition Manager for SAE International, has helped launch the Content Partnership Program, an international partnership program that could make SAE International the hub of premium content for mobility engineering information. SAE International hopes to partner with book publishers, industry experts, video producers and a variety of other traditional and non-traditional publishers and information producers.

This will include gaining access to exclusive magazine and newsletter content, co-publishing opportunities for books and reports, help recruiting new authors with expertise in cutting-edge technologies, and the resale of premium content from diverse organizations.

"We are currently focusing on books, but that doesn't preclude us from partnering with non-traditional information producers - audio, video, and technical information," said Nogueira. "We want to partner with content producers that are interested in getting more exposure, not only business-to-consumer, but business-to-business."

The program will seek to expand the current publishing program at SAE International. This will include seeking opportunities to partner with other publishers to co-publish books. This might include utilizing SAE International's vast resources for review processes, taking over the costs of printing or converting text to electronic format, or providing reviewers for the book.

"It could include reference books or market reports or interviews," Nogueira said. "We're not just focused on books. They are a big part of the plan, but the program has a wider objective."

The overarching goal of the Content Partnership Program is to create an online information repository that will give the mobility engineering community access to meaningful content needed to perform their jobs.

The program will offer corporate and academic licenses, which would enable a company or a university to make content available to large numbers of people. For example, an automobile manufacturer might purchase access to a document and make it available to its engineers in need of the information. The information could be made available through an intranet portal on the SAE International site, or housed on the customer's site.

"By definition, engineers are paid to come up with solutions, so we are seeking to bring in the type of information that will help mobility engineers do just that," Kevin Jost, Editorial Director, SAE International, said. ""We're reaching out to organizations around that world that produce mobility-related technical information in an effort to collaborate both in terms of how we publish and distribute that information. We want to work with organizations to provide the most comprehensive repository of technical information available."

Nogueira said that SAE International, the largest and most encompassing mobility standards organization in the world, is the obvious organization to house such a library of information.

"We have the ability to reach out to a unique and very specific niche - mobility engineers," Nogueira indicated. "We have a database that has been built over decades and at great cost. We have the ability to interface with individuals and organizations that lends the credibility that you can only get at SAE International. That, I believe, will be of great interest to many partners."